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Foods That Good For Diabetes

Our article on foods that are good for diabetes will heal people with diabetes. Diabetes, popularly known as diabetes, is seen in 1 out of every 11 people. Diabetes, which manifests itself with thirst, hunger, frequent urination and dry mouth, should be treated. With early treatment, the effects of diabetes are also minimized. Too much glucose level in the blood affects both the social life and health status of the person.

Diabetes is treated with medication. A treatment method you can choose after medications will be food. You can prevent your blood sugar from rising by consuming foods that balance the sugar level in the blood and eating a healthy diet. As Nefis Yemek Recipes team, "What are good herbal treatment methods for diabetes?" We prepared the answers to such questions. In addition, you can answer your question about what is good for diabetes and what are the suggestions of İbrahim Saraçoğlu in these lines. With the foods on our list, you can have a healthier body and minimize the effects of diabetes.
Foods That Good for Diabetes
Onion: The antibiotic effective onion, which is a panacea, is the most natural medicine for diabetics. When used in meals and salads, it makes the food even more delicious. With its antibiotic effect, onions will easily remove diseases and balance the sugar content in the blood.

Cabbage: When the winter season comes, cabbage, which takes its place on the vegetable shelves, draws attention with its many benefits. We can say that it is a vegetable that diabetics should consume in abundance. Since it is a low-calorie food, it will be a recommended food for diabetics. While keeping blood sugar in balance, it can also support you in losing weight.

Olive Oil: Heart-friendly olive oil is also the biggest friend of diabetics. It balances the cholesterol level as well as decreases the sugar rate in the blood. You can have a healthier body with the olive oil you can choose at every meal. It is highly recommended for people with insulin resistance.
Artichoke: Artichoke will be your health friend with its many benefits. There are many reasons to make room for artichoke in your kitchen. Artichoke is a food that balances blood sugar and builds a wall against cancer.

Beans: Foods with a low glycemic index will be healthy choices for people with diabetes. One of these foods is beans. You can eat green beans or dried beans with your meals.

Beet: A food that should be on the diet of diabetics is beet. There are very few carbohydrates in beets. With this feature, it has an important place in diabetes nutrition.

Fish Meat: Diabetics should pay attention to omega 3 fatty acids. For this reason, fish should be consumed at least 1 meal a week. Choosing low-fat fish will be good for a diabetic diet.

Yogurt: Yogurt is important not only for diabetes, but also for every meal and for every person. Yogurt is a food with low calories and lots of vitamins. You can consume plenty of yogurt, which is particularly effective for Type 2 diabetes.


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  • 27 Jan 2021
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